lil' BeeBoy

"Today I will fly with you, my friends!"

Once, in his summer vacation, a little boy named Fréderique discovered a beautiful bee hive at the tree right next to his window.

Every day he studied the bees flying in and out of the hive while reading books on bees. He watched them live their lives, even gave them names.

They where his flying friends and he so badly wanted to join them!

Then, on a sunday morning, he sat down at his desk and planned how he could fly, like his friends do.

A couple of hours later, he suddenly had the perfect plan - at least he thought so. Immediately he told his plans to the bees at the tree and they seemed to be as excited as he was.

So he put on his favorite pajamas, took a rope from the basement and was ready to join their adventures.

From the initial idea to the final piece

It all started with a little boy in his bee-pajamas. This idea then grew over time into Fréderique and his world of bees.

I began by trying different shapes and forms until I had the cute look I had in my mind.

Then I drew different adventures he could experience and ultimately decided for his flying attempt.

Apart from crafting Fréderique, the most fun was definitely the part were I decorated his room and filled his world with life.

All modelling, texturing and lighting was done in CINEMA 4D and the post effects – like the particles in the air and color correction – were added in Photoshop.