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Ruben Müller from the former 3D studio storyline & animation is heading to a new adventure as a freelancer.

Apart from the name everthing stays the same for clients – or in some cases even gets better!

My full name is Ruben Artus Müller.

I'm a digital artist and developer based in Schwäbisch Hall, Germany. As a freelancer, I had the opportunity to sharpen my skillset in many different professions – since 2006.

Formally educated as a graphics designer, I'm also a self-taught programmer and digital 2D/3D artist.

I love to learn new skills and teach them to others – most inspiring for me is seeing taught knowledge flourish on its own within my students.

With every project, I try to tell a meaningful story – coming from my experience and imagination or brought in by my clients.

I'm convinced of the idea that only stories reach and change people in a deep way.

And if you give me an interesting challenge, you can be sure that I'll go full steam on finding creative solutions.